Case Studies

Case studies demonstrating the improvements and changes in patients’ teeth and smiles following their treatment.

This patient has recently had their teeth whitened using our at home tooth whitening technique. Tailor made trays are used to help the patient achieve their desired whitening shade easily and safely in the convenience of their own home.

Tooth wear can lead to discoloured, misshapened teeth, so for this lady we replaced existing crown and bridgework with all porcelain alternatives, as well as porcelain veneers on the remaining teeth to give a full smile makeover.

This patient has had old/ill fitting veneers replaced with new veneers on her upper front teeth. She has also had tooth whitening treatment.

This lady fractured her tooth following a fall. We restored her existing tooth with a porcelain crown.

This lady was unhappy with the shape and colour of her teeth so we placed four porcelain veneers to improve her smile.

This man’s permanent front teeth had failed to erupt, leaving his milk teeth in place. Tooth whitening followed by composite veneers placed on six upper front teeth created the appearance of a full set of adult teeth.

This lady has had her old crowns replaced together with porcelain veneers to create a well balanced natural smile.

This young lady was unhappy with the gap between her front teeth. A porcelain veneer was placed to improve the shape of the tooth and close the gap.

This lady had been unhappy with her crowns for many years and she thought that nothing could be done. Tooth whitening followed by replacement crowns on her front four teeth gave her the confidence to smile again.

This girl’s front tooth had discoloured following a fall several years ago. We whitened the tooth using a technique called inside/outside whitening and replaced the discoloured filling using a layering technique.

This tooth has been filled using a composite material to produce a natural looking result. Where possible we will always choose to use this material for routine fillings.

This lady was unhappy with the appearance of her metal filling so we replaced the amalgam with a composite material to produce a much more natural result.

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