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At each appointment at Primley Park Dentistry we take the time to do a full examination of your teeth and surrounding tissues, to ensure your good oral health. We routinely screen for oral cancer and other dental diseases, and you can now book directly to see our Hygienists.

The dental health check is a great opportunity for us to discuss any concerns regarding aesthetics, function and the treatment options relevant to you.

In addition to your dental oral health check we have two highly qualified Hygienists Sarah and Marta, who offer a full range of periodontal (gum) treatments to help achieve and maintain a healthy smile.

Most adults occasionally suffer from bad breath. If you are worried about this talk to any of the dentists at Primley Park Dentistry in Leeds or Sarah or Marta, our Dental Hygienist and Oral Health Educators, who will be able to find out what sort of problem it is and help you deal with it.

Good oral hygiene will usually be the answer to a bad breath problem.  Sarah and Marta are able to thoroughly clean your teeth, tongue and gums and give advice as to how to keep your teeth and gums healthy and your breath fresh. They also offer a whole mouth detoxification and biofilm removal service using our Airflow equipment.Our dental hygiene service is available for all of our patients.

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