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Our Dental Treatments:

A smile always works. It changes the way you feel and the way others feel about you.


Its our job to make your smile all it can be.


At Primley Park Dentistry we believe everyone deserves an attractive, healthy smile.

We have been helping people achieve the perfect smile for over 30 years by offering high quality contemporary cosmetic and routine dentistry in the Leeds area.


Airflow stain removal
Teeth whitening
Cosmetic bonding
Porcelain veneers
Smile makeover
Dental implants


Hygiene services
Children's dentistry: Funkidental
Fluoride treatments
Fissure sealants


Root canal

Find out more about Dental Treatments:


Invisalign treatments are clear comfortable braces for your teeth that are completely removable and changed every 2 weeks


They are virtually invisible, with no metal brackets or wires that could irritate your mouth or break, so no one should notice that you are straightening your teeth.


Many patients are nervous to have dental treatment and many tell us anxiety is the reason they avoid getting the treatment they need. As we all know, the longer we leave anything to do with our health, the worse the problem can become.

Dental sedation is a way of making you feel more relaxed during dental treatment.

Teeth Whitening

If you are looking to turn back the clock, or just simply brighten up your smile for a fresh healthy look, teeth whitening can be the answer to a brighter, whiter smile.


We offer two types of Teeth Whitening treatments, home whitening and in-surgery whitening.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the ideal solution to fill a gap or gaps left by a missing tooth and are the nearest thing to having your own natural teeth. They provide an excellent, natural looking solution if you have lost, or are about to lose any of your teeth.

Smile Makeover

Your smile is the first thing that many people will notice about you, and it can leave a lasting impression. A smile makeover is about improving your smile, and it usually involves a number of different procedures. 


If you are in pain and in need of urgent dental care, get in touch with Primley Park, Leeds, the leading emergency dentist in the Leeds area.If you are experiencing pain or discomfort, it’s important to get it checked immediately.


We offer children an interactive environment which
inspires the best oral health through state-of-the-art play and learning.

Giving your children the best possible start with their oral health and teeth development.


Our experienced Dental Hygienists play a vital role in your care, they focus on preventing dental issues and the treatment of gum disease and bad breath

Hygiene visits enable early detection of things such as mouth cancer, loose fillings, cracks, or decay.


We understand that every patient is different, with their own specific needs and situations.

Choose from Pay as you go or Denplan.

Your dentist will provide you with a detailed treatment plan and quotation that outlines the costs before any treatment starts.

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